GURLY by NM started out as a swimwear brand, 100% made in Portugal, with the end goal of promoting inclusion. This brand came from a desire to create pieces that embrace all women of all body types and celebrate as well as enhance their true beauty

Through the message we convey, we try to break down stigmas that have been imposed by society around what a beautiful body should look like. Each body has its own beauty and should be viewed as such regardless of curves or lack thereof, fat in unwanted places, cellulite, stretch marks, skin tone and so on. Each body is beautiful as it is, because it is ours, it does so much for us and it is so unique.

Feeling beautiful, empowered and sexy is all about our mindset/state of mind and we all deserve to give ourselves the right to feel powerful and wonderful, every single day. Every woman is gorgeous in their own way because every little detail makes us unparalleled. How beautiful is it to not have anybody else that looks exactly like us?

Gurly embraces the essence of an empowered woman, her purpose of being different, unique, confident and to be able to show off her singularities that inspire so many others to take that extra step towards cherishing their bodies.

From the swimwear line another dream emerged: creating a collection of lingerie that could evoke the same feeling of well-being and appreciation of our bodies, also proudly made in Portugal.
Our pieces were designed to promote a positive body image with our customers as we do our best to encourage women to accept and believe in what makes them unique.