1. Introduction

1.1. Princess Crown Unipessoal, Lda., (hereinafter Princess Crown) is a company whose sole business consists in retail sale of clothing for adults in specialized stores. Our company uses the brand GURLY BY NM, which is the reference brand used in the sale of our items in our online store.

1.2. To access our online store and begin the buying or ordering process, simply access our website www.gurlybynm.com, owned by Princess Crown.

2. Scope and General conditions of the online store

2.1. All services are available in our online store through the site www.gurlybynm.com, where all the articles are available commercialized, and our brand allows the Customer to order all the products disclosed therein, under the terms and conditions described.

2.2. Any product´s or article’s order must be made by Customers aged or older than 18 (eighteen) years old. The data provided and made available by the Customer has full legal effect, being the Customer entirely responsible for all electronic purchases made, being inhibited from claiming lack of recognition or validation of documentation to complete the order/sale, or unawareness of the applicable terms and conditions.

2.3. If the Customer purchase a product with a defect or different characteristics to those presented and promoted online, the Customer is entitled to rescind the purchase contract under the legal terms and conditions defined in the present policy.

2.4. Princess Crown shall make every reasonable and possible efforts to ship all ordered items, even though it is possible that, due to human error or errors completely outside the control of Princess Crown, it may not be possible to deliver the ordered items within the predicted timeframe. If any item is not available after the Customer order, the Customer will be notified by e-mail or telephone. At that time, the Customer can choose to cancel the order with a refund, if the payment was already made.

3. Applicable Prices

3.1. The prices applicable to each item or product are duly identified and advertised in our online store.

3.2. The promotions, discounts or eventual liquidations will also be identified in our online store, at www.gurlybynm.com;

3.3. All information about prices, products, specifications, campaigns, and promotions may be altered at any time by Princess Crow.

4. Order Cancellation

4.1. The Customer may cancel the order by requesting cancellation to Princess Crown by phone or email, indicating the order number, taxpayer number and delivery address.

4.2. Requests to cancel any order can be accepted if the order has not been yet processed. After processing, Princess Crown will delivery the product, but the Customer will have the option not to accept it upon delivery.

4.3. Princess Crown reserves the right not to process any order, when and if it finds any inconsistency or inaccuracy in the personal data provided by the Customer or if it detects any misconduct from the Customer.

4.4. Princess Crown reserves the right not to process any order if there are errors in the values and/or characteristics of the products, if they are due to technical problems completely unrelated to Princess Crown.

5. Returns (right of withdrawal) and complaints

5.1. The resolution by the Customer, can be executed through any of the following forms: exchange, discount on the price or return with refund. No order is established to apply each option, and the Customer may choose one, as long as it is possible and reasonable. Whatever the solution, the Customer will not be charged for any shipping, labor, material, or other expenses. The possible expenses that may be charged are foreseen in the present Policy.

5.2. The Customer may exercise his right of withdrawal (return), without being required to pay any compensation, within 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the order at the chosen address.

5.3. To exercise this right, the Customer must provide all identification data and the item to return. The communication can be made through our website, by telephone, by email, or by any other appropriate and probative means within the period indicated below.

5.4. For the exchange or return of any product, it is mandatory that the item is in perfect conditions, without being used, washed, or having odors, in the same way that it was sold and accompanied by the respective invoice, labels, hygienic protection, cups, and bag. The package must be returned complete, as delivered, and accompanied by all the documentation received.

5.5. No exchanges/returns will be made for altered, washed, used, or in any way damaged by misuse.

5.6. The article and respective invoice shall be sent to the following address: Rua Serpa Pinto nº 32 R/C, 7520-241 Sines, Portugal.

5.7. If Client choose other forms of return, other than returning the product in person at the shop, the shipping costs will be Client’s responsibility.

5.8. Upon receipt of the return, the Customer will be due the amount paid for the article (sales invoice amount). If the Customer have used any discount/promotion, this value will not be refunded, being refunded only the amount effectively paid.

5.9 The refund’s method depends on the type of payment made on the respective order. In the case of credit card and PayPal payments, those will be credited to the bank accounts. In all other cases, when the information is provided, the refund is made through bank transfer to the indicated bank account.

5.10. The refund can be made within seven days, if it is ensured and are met the procedures set forth in the present Policy.

5.11. In the absence of any component of the product or not being in the same conditions for its return, Princess Crown can refuse the refund of the price or of shipping costs, and the product will be sent again to the initial shipping address.

6. Manufacturing Defect

6.1. In case of a manufacturing defect, meaning when defects are discovered in the products that result from poor workmanship, the Customer must return the product along with a copy of the sales invoice, within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days from the invoice date to the following address: Rua Serpa Pinto, n. º32 R/C, 7520-241 Sines, Portugal.

6.2. The shipping costs for returning the item under the conditions described above, are the responsibility of Princess Crown. If the customer chooses for another way of shipping, the shipping fees will be of the Customer’s exclusive responsibility.

6.3. In the absence of any of the elements referred to in the previous number or in case the product is not in perfect conditions of conservation/hygiene, there will be no place to any exchange, being the product sent again to the customer.

7. General Conditions

7.1. The terms and conditions set out in this document are binding on the contractual relationship between Princess Crown and the Client, in the access, registration and use of the website and in all conditions for the provision of the service and order processing.

7.2. The processing of all orders, exchanges, returns, are governed entirely by the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy.

8. Dispute Resolutions

In the event of a dispute, Princess Crown and the Client may resort to the National Information and Arbitration Centre in Lisbon or to the Lisbon Judicial Court, expressly renouncing to any other.