Lingerie is the intimate piece that most comes into contact with our skin, so it's essential to wash lingerie so that it's always clean and cared for.
As lingerie fabrics are more delicate and thin than other garments, more special care is required.

We have separated some essential tips on how to wash your lingerie correctly and thus preserve its quality so that you can enjoy it for longer.

- Hand wash, use cold water or at room temperature (washing lingerie in hot water causes it to lose its elasticity)
- Use neutral soap
- Rub the intimate parts with delicacy
- Squeeze gently, without twisting
- Let it dry normally, on the clothesline.

Note: Regardless of how you wash the lingerie, under no circumstances use hot water. During the washing process of your underwear, the water temperature should always be between cold and lukewarm, as if it is too high it could damage the fibers of the fabric. These procedures can make your piece last less.

We are not responsible for the misuse of the articles or for the incorrect washing of the same, namely:

- Do not use washing machine, dryer or dry cleaning
- Do not use bleach
- Do not soak
- Never iron
- Do not use aggressive detergents
- Do not place the articles in contact with rough or rough surfaces
- Do not leave the wet parts in plastic bags, nor leave them in water for prolonged periods.